Business of each segment

Enriching society through business and
policy creation in our “6Businesses”

  • Business CreationspanConsulting/commercialization support

    From Strategic Consulting to
    Business Creation

    ”Bringing together the wisdom of society to bring growth to business.”
    As a business co-creation platform from a former major strategy consulting firm, we are engaged in strategy consulting, industry-academia-government collaboration support, and DX co-creation support for large companies.

  • Policy CreationPolicy review committee/administrative services

    Transcending Boundaries
    to Realize Policy

    ”Fusion of policy and social co-creation.”
    Labo is engaged in policy consultation with government agencies, commissioned administrative work, and public-private partnership projects.

  • Life CreationChildcare/education/medical care/nursing care support

    Toward a Smart City that
    Enriches People’s Lives

    “Beyond Barriers. A society that passes on to the next generation.”
    Labo is working with childcare, educational, medical, and welfare facilities across the country to provide family support and industrial collaboration, transcending the boundaries of education, medicine, nursing care, and welfare.

    SDGs CreationPopularization of renewable energy and waste reduction

    Creating the Foundations for
    Realizing the SDGs

    “A society where both waste and shortages do not occur.”
    Together with government agencies, major manufacturers, and local NPOs, we are building systems to promote renewable energy and reduce food loss.

  • Global CreationInternational symposium

    International Symposium as a
    starting point for wisdom sharing

    “Sharing Wisdom between Japan and the World”
    Labo is involved in international symposiums and global and language education courses together with leading experts in various fields, universities, and governments.

    Social Produce

    From Industry-Academia-Government
    Consortium to Social Contribution

    “Crossing the boundaries of the world to co-create new infrastructures.”
    Labo creates businesses and policies from the perspective of cross-industry x industry-academia-government collaboration, and work on innovative business creation and DX in various fields, as well as solutions to social issues.